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Play Attention is a computer-based program for children and adults with attention problems. It is designed to improve attention and teach skills necessary for success in the classroom, at work, and with friends.

You'll likely see changes begin in just four weeks training for 30 to 45 minutes a day two to three days a week. Incredible long-term results like finishing homework on-time, ignoring distractions, less day dreaming, better grades, and better behavior an now within your reach.

Play Attention was developed by a Master Educator whose techniques have been proven in over 450 school systems, thousands of homes, learning centers, hospitals, and psychologist's offices, worldwide since 1996. Play Attention has been used for more years and by more people than virtually any attention training system or memory training system available. It has been featured in the national news media on Good Morning America, NBC News, Woman's World, the Boston Globe, and many other national and international media.

  • Improved Focus.   Play Attention can increase focus and concentration. And it does more. Much more. It develops core skills like ignoring distractions, increasing memory, increasing organization, finishing tasks, and following instructions.

  • Improved Behavior.   Hyperactivity and impulsivity are often problems at both school and home. Your child can learn to control these behaviors through Play Attention's patent pending behavior shaping tool. Focus more, fidget less. Once these behaviors are controlled, it's easier for your child to make friends and succeed at school.

  • Improved Academics.   If you're tired of seeing your child struggle through school, Play Attention is right for you. Play Attention has helped thousands of school children. It has been used by the public school system since 1996. It is now available for home use. It can improve skills that are necessary to survive and thrive in the classroom. Developed by an educator to help his ADHD students, Play Attention is now the world leader in solving attention.

  • Improved Social Interaction.   Play Attention can help improve relationships between siblings or with other children at school. Play Attention can also improve interactions between parents and adolescents with ADHD. Your child does not have to be an outcast or feel different. Play Attention can help your child make friends and learn the skills necessary to keep them.