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Celebrating Our Fortieth Year of Meeting the Needs of the People of Hampton Roads and Eastern Shore of Virginia

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Therapists All Locations

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Dr. Page HuffPAGE MARTIN HUFF, II, Ed.D., Ph.D. Founder, President and CEO - Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Newport News, and Suffolk locations 

Cheryl Ludvik

CHERYL LUDVIK, LCSW, Director of Operations

Jessica Anderson-Owens

JESSICA ANDERSON - OWENS, M.A., Ph.D. - Psychological Assessment Coordinator- Virginia Beach location

MARY DEMYER, M. Div., Ed.S., LPC, Clinical Director Virginia Beach

LACONDA FANNING, M.A., Psy.D., LPC, Clinical Director Chesapeake

Dr Guanzon

ANGELINA GUANZON, M.D. Psychiatrist, Medical Director - Virginia Beach, Newport News, and Chesapeake locations

Laura HitchcockLAURA HITCHCOCK, M.A., LPC - Neurotherapy Coordinator - Virginia Beach location

JAMES LOOMIS, M.A., LPC, Clinical Director Newport News

Dr. Sandy Martin

SANFORD MARTIN, Ed.D., LPC, Director of The Center for ADHD Chesapeake

Jodi Matos

JODI MATOS, M.A., LMFT Clinical Coordinator- Virginia Beach location

Frank Meadows

FRANK MEADOWS, LCSW, Clinical Director Chesapeake

Kendall Sparks

KENDALL SPARKS, Ph.D, M.A., LPC, Coordinator of Training Suffolk, - Suffolk location

MICHELLE VAN EXEL FIELDER, M.A., LPC, Clinical Director Suffolk/ Western Branch

Christopher Amo-Quarm

CHRISTOPHER AMO-QUARM, M.Div., Ed.S. - Newport News and Suffolk locations

BETTIS BAILEY, LCSW - Newport News Location

Natasha Beckum

NATASHA BECKUM, M.A., LPC - Chesapeake Location

GENISE BINNS, PMHNP - Newport News Location

SANDRA BISSON, M.A., Psy.D., LPC, LMFT - Newport News and Virginia Beach Locations

GARY BOGGUS, M.D. - Virginia Beach and Chesapeake Locations

Dr. Matti Brown

MATTIE BROWN-DAVIS, M.A, D.Div., LPC - Virginia Beach location

Dr. Jane Brown

JANE W. BROWN, Ph.D. - Virginia Beach location

Mary Bruno

MARY BRUNO, LCSW - Virginia Beach location

Sheryl Clarke

SHERYL CLARKE, LNP - Suffolk location

KIMBERLY S. CODDINGTON, Ph.D. - Virginia Beach Location

Angie Coleman

ANGELA COLEMAN, M.A. , LPC - Virginia Beach location

ASHLEY CORNELL, Psy.D. - Virginia Beach location

Kerry Cramer

KERRY CRAYMER, M.A., LPC - Virginia Beach location

Dr. W Lawrence Daniels

W LAWRENCE DANIELS, Ph.D., RN, CPNP - Virginia Beach location

Carolyn Davis

CAROLYN DAVIS, M.A., Ed.S, LSP, LPC - Virginia Beach location

ARNELLA EDWARDS - PMHNP - Chesapeake and Virginia Beach Locations

Claire Ficker

CLAIRE FICKER, NCC, LPC, EMDRIA-TRAINED - Virginia Beach and Chesapeake locations

Kathy Froede

KATHY FROEDE, M.A., LPC - Virginia Beach and Chesapeake locations

DANIELLE GANGE - FNP - Virginia Beach and Chesapeake Locations

Mary Giencke

MARY GIENCKE , M.A., LPC- Chesapeake location

JACQUELINE GLENN, Ph.D. LPC - Chesapeake Location

PAIGE HINES, M.A. -Newport News location

Jenny Hornby

JENNY HORNBY, M.A. - Suffolk location

HEATHER JANCOSEK, M.A. - Virginia Beach location

Pricilla Johnson

PRICILLA JOHNSON, M.S.,M.A., LPC - Virginia Beach location

Crystal Jones

CRYSTAL JONES, MSN, FNP - Suffolk and Newport News

Laura Kain

LARA KAIN, PA - Chesapeake and Virginia Beach locations

Maureen Kelly

MAUREEN KELLY M.A. , Psy.D., LPC - Virginia Beach location

Lauri Kern

LAURI KERN, LCSW - Virginia Beach, and Suffolk locations

Denise Knoble

DENISE LOZANO KNOBLE, LCSW - Virginia Beach location

John Knoble

JOHN KNOBLE, M.A., LPC, LMFT - Chesapeake and Virginia Beach locations

Shannon KnowltonSHANNON KNOWLTON , M.A., LPC - Virginia Beach location

Sam Lee

SAM LEE, M.A., LPC - Virginia Beach Location

DEBORAH LINNELL, Ph.D, LPC - Virginia Beach, Chesapeake Locations

Don Mackay

DON MACKAY, LCSW - Virginia Beach location

Annette McPhatter

E. ANNETTE McPHATTER, Psy.D. - Virginia Beach location

LAURA MORRISON, M.A.  - Suffolk Location

Debbie Morton

DEBRA ROBBINS MORTON, PMHNP, FNP, LCSW - Virginia Beach location

Loretta Mueller

LORETTA MUELLER , Ed.D., LPC - Newport News location

Nickolas Nichols

NICOLAS NICKOLS, M.A., LMFT - Virginia Beach location

Rebecca Neilsen

REBECCA NIELSEN , M.S.Ed., LPC - Virginia Beach location

Diane OminskiDIANE OMINSKI, M.Div., M.S., LMFT - Virginia Beach location

ANGEL PHILLIPS, M.A. - Virginia Beach Location

Michelle Phillips

MICHELLE PHILLIPS, M.A., LPC- Virginia Beach Location

Keisha Porter

KEISHA PORTER, M.A., LPC- Suffolk and Newport News locations

Deborah Powell

DEBORAH POWELL, LCSW - Chesapeake location

Lisa Rivera

LISA RIVERA, DPMHNP, FNP - Virginia Beach location

Donna Rowe

DONNA ROWE, M.A.- Virginia Beach location

Kimberly Royster

KIMBERLY ROYSTER, M.A. - Virginia Beach location

Evelyn Saunders

EVELYN SAUNDERS, M.A., LPC, LMFT - Virginia Beach and Chesapeake locations

Carey Savage

CAREY SAVAGE, LCSW - Virginia Beach location

Lawrence Smith

LAWRENCE SMITH, Ed.D, LPC - Virginia Beach location

Lori Smith

LORI SMITH, M.A. , LPC - Virginia Beach location

Traci Smith

TRACI SMITH, LCSW - Suffolk location

Wayne Smith

WAYNE SMITH, Psy.D. - Chesapeake location

Joy Sprenkle

JOY SPRENKLE , M.A., LPC - Chesapeake location

Richard Tavolocci

RICH TAVOLACCI, M.A., LPC, LMFT - Virginia Beach, Suffolk, and Chesapeake locations

Tim Tjersland

TIM TJERSLAND, Psy.D. - Virginia Beach location

Thomasina Valentine

THOMASINA VALENTINE, M.A., LPC - Chesapeake location

Michael Walters

MICHAEL WALTERS, M.A., LPC - Virginia Beach location

Gwen Walthes

GWEN WALTHES, M.A., LPC - Newport News location

Ramona Watson

RAMONA WATSON, Ph.D. - Newport News location

HEAVENLY WEAVER, M.A., LPC - Virginia Beach and Newport News Locations

Latsha Williams

LATASHA WILLIAMS, Ph.D. - Virginia Beach Location

Ruth WoodsRUTH WOODS, LCSW - Virginia Beach location

Heidi Wootres

HEIDI WOOTRES, M.A. - Newport News locations